Aude Bourgine is a committed artist who places the ecological imperative at the center of her practice. Long plagued by a feeling of guilt and helplessness in the face of severe climatic ailments, the artist decided to transform her concerns into concrete actions, to move from good intentions to action. It thus carries out its commitments to the public through a set of projects in which manifest pieces, collaborations and private orders follow one another.

A corpus of poetic works essentially composed of textile sculptures, assembled, embroidered, from natural and recycled materials, in an attempt to become aware of the vulnerability of our environment. The gestures, meticulous, are close to a goldsmith’s work. The artist places the spectator at the center of immersive scenographies – fantastic underwater worlds, disturbing premonitory visions – where wanderings are punctuated by sounds and lights. A series of dystopian stories where the many dramas of our time are played out, in a more or less indexed way. Aude Bourgine is a worried artist, but determined to share with us her wonder for the beauty and fragility of nature.