à propos

Born in 1991, Aude Bourgine is an artist from Rouen who places the ecological imperative at the center of her practice. Long plagued by a feeling of injustice in the face of climatic ills. This look of a helpless child still animates her and encourages her to develop ways to awaken wonder for the living, and more specifically for the seas. The artist testifies to the tragic transformations, while transmitting the passion of the ocean, this world teeming with poetry.

She thus carries her commitments to the public through a set of projects in which manifest pieces, collaborations and private commissions follow one another.

A body of poetic works essentially composed of sculptures in which recycled materials and gleaned organic matter intermingle. Textiles, due to the variety of their materials, textures and shades, have always been the medium of choice for translating the infinite richness of life.