An undersea odyssey

Made up of five installations, An undersea odyssey was designed and produced for the Hermès brand and specifically for the Dubai Mall winter window displays.
An adventure, in the footsteps of the traveller, revealing the secrets of the seas.
Living underwater, an old and still relevant utopia. Here is an initiatory journey where we enter the heart of the unknown, with reference to the stories of Jules Verne, in particular Journey to the Center of the Earth and Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea (account translated into 174 languages). The origins of this staging: to create enchantment, to translate the marvelous, to give all its strength to the dreamlike value of the ocean, in order to make people want to know it better, to better protect it.


Dimensions : about 4m50 by 2m30 on average ——– Photo credit Vania Attieh

++ Immersion in the making of this artwork in the workshop

video credit Capucine Bardon