Algae – metro station

December 2023 – December 2025.

The “Théâtre des Arts” station is an invitation to dive with eight artists. The singular and unique works herald a new way of conceiving of public transport travel in the Rouen Metropolis.

The Algae installation takes place in the glass patio around Aerial Whales by Emilie Bredel and Jérémy Astrier.

Half a billion years ago, algae became the original elements on dry land. In the ocean as on the surface, plants form the first trophic level, the one that supports the whole. The 12,000 types of macroalgae form underwater forests essential to our living conditions by producing oxygen in the air we breathe and by absorbing, like trees, very large quantities of carbon dioxide.

These organisms contribute in multiple ways to planetary balance. They contain varied powers, and are a source of hope for our civilization in many ways. We must be aware of this to protect the many species threatened with extinction.

The challenge is to preserve wild populations of algae. And to rethink the many human activities leading to climate change. Thus, by reducing our overall impact on living things, we support the resilience of biodiversity.

Photo credit : Caroline Bazin 2023.