Entrelacs – living weaving

Still in place – long-term work from September 2022 to June 2023.

The in-situ installation is here an animated material in the image of the living. And urges us to realize that our lives are intertwined in interdependence, thus encouraging us to renew the multiple links between beings.

Entrelacs is an eco-designed sustainable artistic installation for the l’Étincelle theatre located on Place de la Rougemare in Rouen (Normandy,France). It is made up of essentially textile salvage materials, such as ropes, lace and other fibres, which intertwine with living tissue. This 15-meter-long relief painting extends into networks, arborescences and tangles and its metamorphosis is to be discovered and rediscovered over the seasons.

The artistic gesture rooted in reality in order to compose new horizons.
In this place, the armor evolves into a framework, the pivot of a dynamic made up of encounters and alliances for a beneficial fabric in the heart of the city. It is a question of instilling a positive dynamic today, in full awareness of our shared lives. Here, acrobat plants and interstice plants grow, metamorphose and thus forge habitats and resources for several species of insects, birds and other living beings.

In addition, moored to the railings, the ropes evoke the wealth and maritime history of the Seino-marin territory. Just as the textile materials used refer to the industrial heritage of our surroundings, the use of these materials corresponds to a desire to enhance, through their reuse, emblematic works of heritage such as needlework.
Finally quite simply, this ancestral gesture that is weaving speaks to us of succession, interaction, immediacy, progress, realization.

Photo credits: Felix Touboulie, Atfk, Aude Bourgine.