Relics of an eloquent silence

The slender bodies, running against the current,

From native lands to deep waters

Gripped by the ardor of the incessant tides,

Where the steepness engulfs the haven ships

From borders in peril,
The vessels carry the icy blood.

“Ghost Shipwrecks”

The livid dread crystallizes
In memory of abandoned souls in exile

Here stands a resting place

Submerged by lives spent in survival.

Humanity. Beings. The living.
Exceedingly, perishing on the same sphere.

Under the waters, from trenches to shores,

Limestone bones and symbiotic debris

Expose the bleaching distress of coral reefs.

These ancestral buildings are collapsing in shock waves

A vertiginous surge of ecosystem disintegrations.

Our ramified lives with similar remains,
The union fixed in the depths of our entrails.

Red is the revived alarm.

The otherness embraced
Rise out of the abyss in a primordial flow

Short breaths transmuted into polyphonic clamor

Pulsating the universal Brotherhood.

Installation conçue pour le Muséum d’Histoire Naturelle de Rouen, 2022-2023, matériaux textiles et de récupération.

Crédits Aude Bourgine – Photographies Fred Margueron